Katt Williams' Ongoing Atlanta Saga Continues

9:36 PM, Nov 13, 2009   |    comments
Comedian Katt Williams
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ATLANTA -- Atlanta's posh Four Seasons hotel isn't saying whether it evicted embattled comedian and movie star Katt Williams and his entourage late Thursday night.

Williams called a news conference just before midnight claiming the midtown hotel kicked them out.

"They said I caused a disturbance and when I asked them what the disturbance was, they couldn't tell me," Williams told 11Alive News.

Williams also told reporters he recently bought a $2 million penthouse in the building in addition to renting seven rooms for seven nights.

"I haven't been here 72 hours and I'm being kicked out of the Four Seasons even though I paid up front and in cash. I don't understand," he said.

Williams said a hotel employee also presented him with three bills asking to be paid, unaware the rooms had already been covered.

A spokesperson for the Four Seasons Hotel said late Thursday he was not aware of the incident and had no record of Mr. Williams' stay at the hotel.

On Friday the hotel management referred us to a public relations agency, but, so far, that pr firm has not issued any explanation.

Williams said he recently bought the penthouse from the same person who sold him hundreds of acres in Coweta County.

"I'm at the point now where I'm standing out here with millions of dollars in movies and TV specials sold and most of them done right here in Atlanta. And to be ceremoniously dismissed at a hotel is sad," he said.

On Friday, 11Alive News received an e-mail from Angie Stephens, the Association Manager of the Condominium Association that occupies the upper floors of the Four Seasons building.

Stephens wrote, "I can assure you that this gentleman does not own a condo at the Four Seasons".

The hotel flap is the most recent in a string of disturbances for the comedian.

Williams got out of jail on $41,500 bond Monday night after being charged with burglary and criminal trespass in Coweta County.

He's accused of stealing jewelry from a couple living in the guest house on a larger horse farm where he was staying while in town to film a movie.

Williams called his burglary and criminal trespassing arrest "just a misunderstanding between me and two stupid detectives".

"I had $250,000 worth of jewelry on when they said I stole the $2,500 worth of jewelry," Williams scoffed Thursday night.

Coweta County Sheriff Deputies were also called to the farm where Williams was staying after a November 3rd 911 call.

A 17-year-old man claimed Williams had threatened to beat him up if he tried to leave the estate.

This week Coweta County authorities say they could not confirm any crime and would not press charges in that incident.

Thursday night Williams claimed he'd been ordered to leave Coweta County, but on Friday Sheriff Mike Yeager told 11 Alive News he wasn't aware of any such order.

The comedian said he was in the Atlanta area the past month filming a movie about President Barack Obama, which he says wrapped up 6 days ago.

He blamed his recent problems on what he vaguely characterized as a bad political climate.

"This ain't a media issue," he told 11Alive News, "This ain't a sheriff's department issue. This ain't a police department issue. This is an issue where half of our country is mad at something they can't talk about."

On Friday, one of Williams' entourage told 11Alive News they were now staying at the Marriott Suites hotel next to the Four Seasons and their customized van could be seen in the parking lot.


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