Sexting: Atlanta Teens Share What's Really Happening in Local Schools

5:12 PM, Sep 15, 2009   |    comments
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Tonight, 11Alive News asks kids the questions parents may be afraid to.  

We invited a group of teenagers to the station to see what's really happening with "sexting".  Reporter Jaye Watson asks the teens point blank:  "How many of you have friends that have sent naked photos of themselves to someone?"

Their parents - sitting behind them - were stunned at their answers. 

Here's what some kids told us: 

"It was from mid thigh up? Naked?" "Yes."

 "I know some of my friends thinking that they have to do it, they like to do it, because they want to keep the guys interested."

Hear what's going on in local schools from local students - and get practical tips to keep your kids safe.

Tonight on 11Alive News, where we always bring you the days important stories and issues, AND we're committed to news that actually helps you.

Tonight after Leno on 11Alive.

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