Vandals Strike Congressman's Office With Spray-Painted Swastika

11:47 AM, Aug 11, 2009   |    comments
Employees discovered a Swastika allegedly spray-painted on a sign by vandals at Rep. Scott's office in Smyrna.
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SMYRNA, Ga. -- Days after a heated exchange between Georgia Congressman David Scott (D-Georgia) and an area doctor at a town hall meeting, a symbol of hate was spray painted on one of the Congressman's offices.

Employees discovered a Swastika allegedly spray-painted on a sign by vandals at Rep. Scott's office in Smyrna.

The motivation of the vandals is still under investigation.

A heated exchange between US Rep. David Scott (D-13th) and Dr. Brian Hill first aired by 11Alive News on Friday has now been seen around the country.

11Alive News repeatedly asked Scott for interviews both before and after the story aired. Monday afternoon, Scott sat down with 11Alive's Jaye Watson.

Scott said he was unhappy with the station's coverage of the story.

"I have great respect for Channel 11. I love Channel 11. Matter of fact, I gave my first TV interview back in 1974 with Wes Sarginson," Scott said. "I've got great friends there -- they know David Scott. That's why I was so shocked when they did this interview and used those clips. They weren't there to cover that. The reporter wasn't there. They went back and got this tape and came and edited and cut it up to be what they wanted it to be."

Scott is right that 11Alive interviewed him before the Douglasville transportation meeting, but the station did not stay to cover the entire meeting. 11Alive obtained a copy of the four-hour tape afterwards and aired portions of it Friday.

Scott says what the station failed to report was the hours-long build up to the confrontation.

"The people were consistently interrupting the people from DOT," Scott said. "Interrupted the meeting, shouting, scuffles outside. This was no nice doctor coming in and asking a question that David Scott had to speak strongly to."

Dr. Brian Hill asked Scott a healthcare-related question at the meeting that took several minutes to ask.

"The first question that comes out of his mouth, 'Why did you vote for this?'" Scott said. "Wait a minute -- I didn't vote for anything. We haven't had it to vote on."

What you didn't see in our original report was the three minutes Scott spent answering the doctor's question before he raised his voice.

Watson asked Scott, "In hindsight, seeing those clips, did you lose your temper?"

"No, I did not lose my temper. I was very firm and I talked very firm -- and if you looked at that, my words were there. I didn't bite my tongue about it. I was very, very disturbed with him," Scott said.

But Scott is even more disturbed about mail he has received in the days since the story aired.

Scott held up a sheet of paper to Watson that had a picture of President Obama on it, his face made to look like the joker in Batman, a swastika on his forehead. Then he read what it said.

"They address it to n----- David Scott, 'You were, you are, and you shall forever be, a n-----'," Scott said, reading from the letter. "I got this in the mail today. Somewhere underneath this, bubbling up, is the ugly viscissitudes of racism. We should be proud we have an African American president and celebrating him willing to take on the difficult issue of healthcare, an issue that reflects 19 percent of our economy. Here we are in Congress trying to grapple with an almost impossible task -- almost two improbables together, bring the cost of healthcare down while expanding the coverage of it. That is a difficult assignment and it should not be relegated to these mobs of people who will come and hijack a meeting, and you expect me not to stand up to that and not to show that we're not intimidated?"

Scott is hosting a health fair and healthcare forum at which he will do questions and answers on the topic of healthcare reform.

It will be held on Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at Mundy's Mill High School in Jonesboro.

For more information on the event, contact Scott's office at .

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