Space Shuttle/ISS Viewing over North Georgia Tonight

5:33 PM, Jul 26, 2009   |    comments
In this photo provided by NASA, the view of the space shuttle Endeavour was provided by an Expedition 20 crew member during a survey of the approaching vehicle prior to docking with the International Space Station, Friday, July 17, 2009. (AP)
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Atlanta--The Space Shuttle and International Space Station will fly over north Georgia tonight.  There should be enough breaks in the clouds to see this bright light moving across the sky.

Beginning at 9:27pm, look to the NNW sky about 16 degrees above the horizon.  You won't be able to pick out features of the shuttle or the ISS.  It will appear as a bright white light traveling  across the sky to a maximum elevation of 35 degrees above the horizon.  The shuttle/ISS will then disappear about 14 degrees above the horizon in the ESE sky.  The entire fly over will only last about 4 minutes.

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