Grady Health System Cuts 150 Jobs

5:09 AM, Mar 12, 2009   |    comments
Grady Memorial Hospital
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ATLANTA (AP) -- The Grady Health System is cutting 150 positions.

Hospital officials said Wednesday the cuts do not include key
medical or patient care positions and are necessary amid the
worsening economy, funding cuts and rising number of uninsured

Grady is the city's only public hospital and the largest in the
region. It provides more than $250 million in free healthcare
annually. The hospital struggled financially for years before
recently reaching a crisis point due to rising health care costs,
dwindling government aid, a lack of paying customers and years of neglect.

The overwhelming majority of Grady's patients -- more than 90
percent -- cannot pay for the treatment they receive. As a charity
hospital, Grady's core mission is to take care of indigent

Associated Press

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