Man In Wheelchair Shoots Attacker

11:52 PM, Jan 25, 2008   |    comments
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The typically quiet street on Flat Shoals Avenue had become a crime scene at 507 Flat Shoals by 8:30 Friday morning. But what ended there, began down the street at an adult group home called Paradise Living. Willie Mae Johnson, who owns the group home, says one of her residents with a history of mental and criminal behavior, woke up -- erratic and violent. “And so we called 911 here from the facility. And 911 never showed up here,” said Johnson. “Around 8:30 Adrian Underwood left from here and went down to the neighbor’s house. He tried to break into his house. He kicked the window in,” said Christopher Dobbins, who lives at the group home with Underwood. The homeowner, Matt Stein, was outside in his wheelchair, loading up his truck in the back when he heard the glass shatter. Investigators say Stein grabbed a gun from his truck and made his way to his front porch, where police say 49-year-old Underwood was attempting to kick in the door. The guy that lives there came out, fired a shot warning. That's when Adrian came over there and started punching the guy in the mouth,” said Dobbins, after witnessing the shooting. “The situation could have been more tragic for the victim at this point,” said Atlanta Police Sgt. Lisa Keyes. Dobbins said there were no more warning shots. Police say Stein fought back, pulling the trigger multiple times, hitting Underwood in the chest and arm. “And the next thing I knew I was getting a call that he had gotten shot up there. So immediately, I ran up there and he had walked from the front door and had fell in the driveway,” said Johnson. Johnson says Underwood had never met Stein before Friday, and says she just wishes police had responded to her 911 call to stop Underwood earlier. According to Johnson’s records, Underwood had lived at the group home since December 12th after being transferred from the Fulton County Diversion Center. Underwood was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in critical condition. Johnson and investigators are not sure what triggered Friday morning's rampage. The homeowner does not face any criminal charges.

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