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Feds demand DFCS fix food stamp backlog within two months

11:52 PM, Mar 7, 2014

The federal government is looking into the Department of Family and Children's Services' food stamp program. They are demanding that DFCS fix the ongoing problems, or they said they will fix it for them.

NJ's Christie raises money with Georgia Gov. Deal

8:08 PM, Mar 7, 2014

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was in Georgia Friday to raise money for Gov. Nathan Deal's re-election.

2014: The year of the legacy candidate in Georgia

7:47 PM, Mar 7, 2014

One cousin, one daughter and two grandsons of successful Georgia pols are running in 2014.

Newcomer Nunn touts experience while qualifying for Senate run

7:47 PM, Mar 7, 2014

The daughter of former Sen. Sam Nunn says her experience leading volunteer networks is sufficient for a high-stakes run in politics.

Obama calls Putin, proposes solution to Ukraine dispute

6:19 AM, Mar 7, 2014

President Obama urged Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in a one-hour phone call Thursday to pursue a diplomatic solution to his military incursion into Crimea, including direct talks between Russia and Ukraine with outside observers.

In CPAC speech, Trump kills off Jimmy Carter

12:19 AM, Mar 7, 2014

In a speech at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, Donald Trump took jabs at Democrats over policy, took on President Barack Obama, and declared former president Jimmy Carter dead.

House begins debate on privatizing foster care

8:51 PM, Mar 5, 2014

Opponents say half of the children in foster care, are already served through some type of private organization, partnering with DFCS rather than calling the shots.  They believe change is needed, but S350 is not the answer.

Federal port snub triggers partisan finger pointing

8:45 PM, Mar 5, 2014

There was political bickering along partisan lines, after the Obama administration snubbed Georgia's $600 million project to deepen the Port of Savannah in its new budget.

Ga. mayors oppose proposed gun bill

2:41 PM, Mar 5, 2014

Several Georgia mayors are coming out against a bill that would allow people to carry guns into churches and bars, and government buildings.

Obama's budget eyes $1 trillion hike in tax revenue

9:38 PM, Mar 4, 2014

The budget President Obama unveiled Tuesday would raise more than $1 trillion over 10 years through changes in the tax code by closing loopholes, raising some taxes and cracking down on enforcement.

U.S. pledges $1 billion aid to Ukraine, condemns Russia

7:53 PM, Mar 4, 2014

The Obama administration announced a $1 billion package of economic and energy aid to Ukraine on Tuesday, part of its emerging response to Russian military activity in Crimea.

Obama announces $1 billion in aid to Ukraine

9:15 AM, Mar 4, 2014

The Obama administration announced $1 billion in economic and energy aid to Ukraine on Tuesday, part of its emerging response to Russian military activity in Crimea.

Crossover Day marks key deadline for bills

12:19 AM, Mar 4, 2014

On Crossover Day, bills must pass either the House or Senate to remain active for the last 10 days of the legislative session.

Ga. lawmakers set barriers to Medicaid expansion

9:49 PM, Mar 3, 2014

Republican state lawmakers want to make it impossible for Georgia to expand the Medicaid system as proposed by the Democratic president unless the state Legislature approves it.

Senate passes bill cutting abortion coverage

5:21 PM, Mar 3, 2014

The Senate is scheduled to consider more than thirty bills. A controversial abortion bill is among them. It could cut coverage for state employees and those participating in the Affordable Care Act. 

Moving the medical marijuana bill over the next hurdle

12:47 AM, Mar 1, 2014

Little Haleigh Cox became the face of the medical marijuana debate in Georgia. Now there are hopes the next hurdle can be overcome -- moving the bill from the House to the state Senate.

Records show DFCS isn't always transparent

7:38 PM, Feb 28, 2014

11Alive's Rebecca Lindstrom has spent the past four months fighting to learn more about the system that was supposed to protect children who were abused; who died.

Georgia's religious freedom bills in trouble

10:20 PM, Feb 27, 2014

Support for two religious freedom bills is evaporating in the Georgia legislature after claims that they would allow discrimination

Lobbyist wants Congress to ban gay players in the NFL

9:00 PM, Feb 27, 2014

After all the uproar this week over the religious freedom bill in Arizona and similar bills in Georgia and elsewhere, a Capitol Hill lobbyist says he's prepared federal legislation to be introduced which would ban gay players from the NFL.

Ky. ordered to recognize out-of-state gay marriages

6:38 PM, Feb 27, 2014

A federal judge on Thursday ordered Kentucky officials to recognize the marriages of same-sex couples performed out of state.