Education Nation

VIDEO: Education Nation teacher Town Hall

4:02 PM, May 8, 2012

Watch the Teacher Town Hall forum from NBC News and 11Alive.

VIDEO: Education Nation Job One Panel

5:08 PM, May 16, 2012

Watch the Job One forum from NBC News and 11Alive.

NBC's Education Nation expands conversation with social media

9:18 AM, Sep 24, 2012

NBC's Education Nation kicks-off this weekend with a digital component that allows participants to join the conversation from anywhere.

Flipped Classrooms switch homework and school work

10:59 AM, Sep 4, 2012

Several Cobb County schools are piloting a program called The Flipped Classroom, where school work is done as homework and homework is done as school work. 

End-of-Course Test results released

1:06 PM, Jul 17, 2012

The Georgia Department of Education released system-level results for End-of-Course Tests (EOCT) Tuesday morning.

Teen developed idea for summer music camp for kids

12:42 PM, Jun 22, 2012

ATLANTA -- Whether in a studio, in front of a crowd, or doing his solo thing, the soundtrack of life for Jonathan Velazquez involves music as a way of breaking down barriers.

Teen devotes life to helping others

9:06 AM, May 31, 2012

An 18 year old who started going blind in third grade is changing the way everyone around him sees the disabled.

Teens produce autism film, ask 'Are You Aware'?

6:34 AM, May 16, 2012

The number of kids with autism in Georgia's schools is rising so quickly, educators are trying to find ways to deal with it. So are students.

Georgia teachers get new evaluation system

12:13 PM, May 11, 2012

Teachers in Cherokee County are piloting a new evaluation system that will become part of the lives of every public school teacher in the state next school year.

Teachers teach as a team in Sandy Springs

11:56 AM, May 11, 2012

Lake Forest Elementary School is home to a dynamic teaching duo. Two teachers share one classroom, doing everything together as a team.

Brookwood High in the Education Nation Spotlight

2:31 PM, May 10, 2012

SNELLVILLE - 11Alive's Education Express sent an early morning at Brookwood High School highlighting the school's science courses.

Hickory Hills Elementary rewarded for arts focus

1:49 PM, May 10, 2012

MARIETTA - At Hickory Hills Elementary the arts take center stage in a big way. The school is an arts academy and every student, learns every subject through performing or visual arts and it's all tied to the Georgia Performance Standards.

Habitat High program prepares students for future

11:31 AM, May 8, 2012

West Hall High School received a $500 check for its Habitat High program from NBC's Education Nation initiative.

Job One forum tackles the skills gap

8:36 PM, May 7, 2012

Big names in government and business met in Atlanta Monday to search for a solution to what they're calling the "skills gap".

Ron Clark students jump for reading

9:27 AM, May 7, 2012

11Alive News and Education Nation spotlight Ron Clark Academy for its innovative approach toward learning. The library even has a trampoline.

Teachers in Atlanta tell nationwide audience what works, doesn't work

7:01 AM, May 7, 2012

The national NBC News "Education Nation" tour is in Atlanta and teachers at a town hall meeting told a nationwide audience ways to improve classrooms, and reasons many students continue to fail.

W.C. Abney ES wins $1,000 from 11Alive

1:13 PM, May 4, 2012

W.C. Abney Elementary in Paulding County is the final $1,000 winner in the 11Alive Education Nation Facebook contest.

PHOTOS | Flippen ES wins $1,000 from 11Alive

10:39 AM, May 3, 2012

Flippen Elementary School in Henry County is the latest winner in 11Alive's $1,000 Education Nation Facebook contest giveaway.

Freedom Middle School wins $1,000

11:24 AM, May 2, 2012

All week long, we're surprising the winners of our Education Nation Facebook contest. Freedom Middle School already knows what it will do with its $1,000.

Education Nation bus surprises schools

9:36 AM, May 1, 2012

11Alive and the NBC Education Nation Bus continued their weeklong series of surprises for local schools on Tuesday.