Try It Before You Buy It: Seat Pets

6:23 AM, Oct 15, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Long car trips can be difficult for kids.

Dana Rogers has two children. Her kids usually aren't fussy in the car, but she is still willing to try Seat Pets.

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The product provides children with stuffed animals to snuggle in the car.

"I think it's cute. It looks unique," Dana says. "I bet you it could also go in the wash."

As a practical mom, she decides to test it on her 3-year-old daughter. She straps the Seat Pet onto the child's seat belt in several different ways.

Because the little girl is still in a car seat, Dana finds the product difficult to use.

"I think with a base booster, the next level up, you could do this," she says.

But that doesn't stop her daughter from enjoying the stuffed animal. She wants to store toys in its pockets.

Despite their difficulties, Dana and her daughter like the product.

"I think she'd take things in and out of it, cuddle, you name it -- talk to it, whatever," Dana says. "I think she'd be entertained fine."

Mother and daughter give Seat Pets two thumbs up.

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