Try It Before You Buy It: Squeezy Freezy

9:25 AM, Oct 11, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Slushies are great additions to a hot summer day.

"They're cold and they taste really good," says Gabriella.

She's excited to try Squeezy Freezy, which promises to make easy, delicious slushies.

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"I thought it looked pretty good to make at home, and I kinda wanted one," she says.

Gabriella gets started by putting the device in the freezer. It needs to freeze for at least six hours.

After that, Gabriella and her sister Brianna add soda and begin squeezing the product to start the icing process.

"It's like coming out of the sides," Gabriella says.

The sisters pour out a little of the soda and continue squeezing.

The box claims Squeezy Freezy can make slushes in seconds -- but Gabriella determines that's not true.

"It's been like three minutes!" she says.

Despite continuous squeezing, the sisters have nothing to show for their hard work.

"It was cold, but it didn't turn into a slushie at all though," Gabriella says.

The girls are forced to give Squeezy Freezy two thumbs down.

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