Try It Before You Buy It: Cat's Meow

9:15 AM, Oct 9, 2013   |    comments
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(WXIA) -- Cats are popular household pets, but they can sometimes become rowdy.

Kaylene has two feline friends -- Jiffy and Parrot. Jiffy has toys, but usually doesn't play with them.

"He loves sitting out on the play set, checking out the neighbors, watching the birds," Kaylene says.

She hopes Jiffy may like Cat's Meow, which promises to keep cats entertained and prevent them from clawing and scratching.

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At first glance, the product doesn't look very sturdy.

"It definitely looked flimsy," Kaylene says. "I think the kids would break it right away."

Despite the negative first impression, she tries to get Jiffy to play with it.

The cat doesn't seem sold. He watches the product, but doesn't want to interact.

"The cat's not interested, but the kids are," Kaylene says.

Cat's Meow doesn't seem like the right product for Jiffy.

"I think they like more interactive -- the string, sometimes the little play mouse that they can bat around," Kaylene says.

Because of her cat's disinterest, Kaylene is forced to give the product two thumbs down.

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