Try It Before You Buy It: Bladeless Fan

9:05 AM, Oct 3, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Georgia's hot summer weather can sometimes be unbearable. Therefore, bladeless fans have become increasingly popular.

"I've seen big bladeless fans," Elizabeth says.

But small ones are more rare, which is why she is excited to try it.

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"I've never seen a portable one," she says.

After adding batteries to the small bladeless fan, the first thing Elizabeth notices is the unpleasant sound.

"It makes a lot of noise," she says. "See, I think there is something soothing about fan blades. This sounds like a vacuum cleaner."

It also doesn't work the way Elizabeth hoped.

"You would think with this much noise, it would be doing more," she says.

There is almost no evidence the fan is blowing.

"Can you even see my hair move?" Elizabeth jokes.

The fan also sends out a disturbing odor that she compares to plastic burning.

Worst of all, the product is difficult to hold.

"It's got a vibration that kind of makes your elbow hurt after a while," Elizabeth says.

Overall, she cannot find a single redeeming quality and is forced to give the bladeless fan two thumbs down.

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