Try It Before You Buy It: Ruggies

12:37 PM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Rugs can be sentimental, useful or simply fashionable. But if they aren't held down, they can also be a nuisance.

Elizabeth Johnson understands the difficulty of having a rug -- especially because she also has a dog, Oliver.

"I have a rug in the foyer that everybody walks by, including the dog, and it goes flying everywhere," she says. "So before somebody comes to the front door, I'm constantly trying to straighten it out and move the pad underneath it. It never stays straight."

This issue drives Elizabeth crazy, so she's ready to try Ruggies, a reusable rug gripper that promises to keep rugs and mats in place.

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To use the product, Elizabeth peels away the plastic, then places part of the device on the rug and the other side on the floor.

"It's certainly quick," she says. "It doesn't take long."

True, Ruggies is easy to use. But does it work? Elizabeth and Oliver both step on the rug.

"I mean, I feel a little pivot, but it doesn't go out from under me like it used to," she says.

Elizabeth usually keeps a pad under the rug to prevent it from moving.

"We no longer need the ugly gray pad that slips out from underneath and that I see more than I see my rug," she says.

Elizabeth definitely finds the product useful -- and successful. She gives Ruggies two thumbs up.

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