Try It Before You Buy It: Bake A Bone

7:35 AM, Oct 2, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Pet owners love giving treats to their furry friends -- almost as much as dogs enjoy eating them.

Molly Burke makes sure her family eats healthy.

"We limit fast food, we do a lot of fruits and vegetables," she says. "All types of yummy stuff."

That's why she's willing to try Bake A Bone, a product that allows the family dog to eat healthy too.

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Molly and her son Drew add water to the Bake A Bone peanut butter mix and place it in the cooker.

After it's baked, Drew decides to be a taste tester. He thinks the treat tastes like waffles -- but not for long.

"It has a funny aftertaste, but maybe the dog will like it probably," Molly says. "Not so much for kids."

Coco is a bit hesitant about the treats. She doesn't like the squishy ones, but finds the hard ones much more enjoyable.

"She liked the ones that were more crispy," Molly says.

Although her dog enjoys the treats, Molly sees a downside with the product.

"It's a little bit time consuming," she says. "We lost some interest kind of quickly."

But she still thinks Bake A Bone is worthwhile.

"I don't think, as a mom, I wouldn't add this to my list, but it's fun for the kids once in a while," she says.

Overall, Molly and Drew give Bake A Bone two thumbs up.

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