Try It Before You Buy It: Magnetic Nail Color

9:15 AM, Sep 25, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Painting fingernails is often a girl's favorite pastime. But Jenna, a college student, doesn't always have time to do it.

"I've got lots of stuff after school, lots of classwork, so it's a treat when you do have time to get your nails done," she says.

That's why she's excited to try Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color, which promises to help women create "gorgeous" 3D designs on their nails.

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Jenna applies one coat of polish to her nails. She paints a second coat to one nail, then hold the magnet over it for 10 seconds.

"Oh, it looks cool!" she says.

The product gives Jenna's nails a look she hasn't seen before. Unfortunately, she can only do one nail at a time.

"It was a little bit more effort," she says. "I probably wouldn't have enough time to do that."

It also doesn't provide a consistent effect. Jenna notes that some of her nails don't look different after she applies the magnet.

Overall, Jenna thinks the magnet nails are a cool idea, but they don't live up to her expectations.

"I'll leave this one on the shelf," she says, giving the Magnetic Nail Color two (painted) thumbs down.

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