Try It Before You Buy It: GoJo Hands Free Headset

8:48 AM, Sep 17, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- With Bluetooth and other hands free devices, holding a phone to your ear shouldn't be an issue.

However, if it is, the GoJo Hands Free Headset offers a new alternative.

The product allows users to put phones to their ears without holding the phones in their hands.

At first glance, Janie Coleman is skeptical.

"It looks kinds of big, real honestly," she says. "Where do you put your phone?"

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She then realizes she must place a provided sticker on her phone and connect it to the suction cup on the device.

Upon trying it, Janie decides it feels awkward. She has difficulties, but her father doesn't -- he finds it easy to use.

"Push it up, then shut it off," he says. "Piece of cake."

Janie and her father attempt to talk to each other using the GoJo.

"It feels like it wants to fall off," she says.

However, her dad has a smaller phone, so the weight doesn't affect him. He likes the product.

When asked if he'd buy it, he says, "If it wasn't too expensive, it'd be worth it."

But Janie isn't sold.

"I wouldn't buy it," she says. "Just for the iPhone, it gives you the feeling it's going to drop."

Therefore, the GoJo gets a mixed review -- thumbs down from Janie and thumbs up from her dad.

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