Try It Before You Buy It: Wipe New

11:24 AM, Sep 16, 2013   |    comments
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(WXIA) -- Cars often start looking old and dull from normal wear and tear.

Wipe New is a new product that claims to make vehicles look dramatically better.

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Daryll Coleman has seen commercials for Wipe New.

"It looks great on TV. I'd like to see it in person," he says.

To use the product, he puts on the provided gloves, soaks the cloth in the liquid and applies it to his car's bumper.

Daryll tries it on dark surfaces like handles, mirrors and other areas with vinyl.

"The vinyl, the handle, this piece with no wear marks -- I think looks really good," he says while admiring his hard work.

Unfortunately, the bumper doesn't look nearly as great.

"As it dries, it looks about like it did before, maybe a little bit more shiny," Daryll says.

It also makes the bumper appear inconsistent.

"If it has any dings or scratches, then it insinuates those marks," Daryll says.

On top of that, the product doesn't last long. Daryll uses the entire bottle one time around the car.

He is forced to give Wipe New a mixed review: "one thumb up for the dark areas, one thumb down for other areas."

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