Try It Before You Buy It: Bop It! Smash

10:48 AM, Aug 20, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Bop It! is an incredibly popular toy that keeps evolving and changing.

The audio game asks players to follow a series of commands. Its latest version, Bop It! Smash, is slightly different from the rest.

Bop It! Smash features color-changing lights in a central area called The Zone. Players score by smashing two Bop It! buttons together when a Zone light is either green or blue.

Kate and Caitlin are excited to give this new Bop It! a try.

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It's a bit harder than Caitlin expects, but she eventually gets the hang of it.

Kate's brother Jake has a Bop It! XT. He shows the girls how it works.

Jake also tries the Bop It! Smash, but admits it's "kind of hard."

Despite being different from other Bop It! toys, Kate and Cailtin like the new version, describing it as "fun and hard."

They give the Bop It! Smash two thumbs up.

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