Try It Before You Buy It: GoGo Pillow

9:16 AM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Tablets are incredibly popular and are constantly being used, from reading books to playing games.

Lauren Yates' family has two iPads. She decides to try the GoGo Pillow, which is designed to hold a tablet.

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The GoGo Pillow is actually three products in one: a pillow, a headrest and a tablet holder. Lauren uses it as a headrest first.

"My gosh, it's kind of tricky," she says, realizing she has to turn it inside out to use.

Once Lauren has it together, she puts it around her neck.

"It feels very comfortable," she says. "It's very soft."

Lauren tries the pillow on several different surfaces. She also tests how securely it holds a tablet.

"It stays in pretty nice," she says.

One issue Lauren has with the product is volume. Both the volume button and the speakers are hidden inside the pillow. She also finds it difficult to turn the pillow inside out.

"It's just really hard to take (the tablet) out and change it into a pillow," she says.

The product does what it promises, but Lauren is not 100 percent sold.

"I mean, it's useful, but I wouldn't take the trouble to go out and buy it," she says.

Having said that, Lauren gives the GoGo Pillow a mixed review.

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