Try It Before You Buy It: Orapup

11:08 AM, Aug 7, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Anyone who has a dog knows that a pup's breath can sometimes be unbearable.

Jen is a responsible dog owner who is conscious of her pets' oral health.

"I brush their teeth," she says of her two dogs, Zoe and Oliver. "I used to do it a lot more often. Now I do it once every couple of weeks."

That's why Jen is willing to try a new product called Orapup, which promises to get rid of bad dog breath.

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"I'm kind of curious to see if this would work," she says.

Orapup looks like a brush. It allows dogs to lick bad breath and plaque away without using force.

Zoe and Oliver seem to enjoy licking the product.

"Well, it's definitely working. She's definitely licking it, so theoretically she's cleaning her tongue," Jen says.

Although the dogs are cleaning their tongues, it's not quite the same as brushing their teeth.

"I mean, it's not going to clean her teeth for sure, but it might help with the breath," Jen says.

And the scent Orapup uses is a bit unconventional: beef and bacon. It's not exactly the fresh breath Jen had in mind.

"If you could get them to like it as much with mint, it'd be perfect," she says.

Despite Zoe and Oliver enjoying the product, Jen is not completely sold. She gives the Orapup a mixed review.

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