Try It Before You Buy It: Peanut Butter Maker

7:16 AM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- For some people, healthy eating is extremely important, and making their own peanut butters and jams is appealing.

Sam and Braden are growing boys who are picky about what they eat.

"A lot of grilled cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, pizza, hot dogs," their mom Julie says.

Julie is excited to try the Nostalgia Electrics Peanut Butter Maker, which makes natural peanut butter at home.

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Sam and Braden help their mom make the peanut butter.

"The process wasn't that hard," Julie says. "Chopping the nuts was probably the longest part."

When the peanut butter is done, the boys aren't entirely sure about it. Despite their initial hesitation, they both try it.

Braden and Sam decide that it tastes OK, but they don't like the natural peanut butter's crunchy texture. They would rather eat Jif peanut butter.

Julie notes the difference between the peanut butter she made at home and the natural almond butter she buys at the grocery store.

"It's definitely thicker than the natural butter from the store," she says of her homemade butter.

The boys want store-bought peanut butter, but their mom understands the importance of having something healthy. Plus, their dog likes the natural butter.

With this type of uncertainty, all three testers give the peanut butter maker a mixed review.

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