Try It Before You Buy It: Roll a Piano

8:06 AM, Jul 31, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Nine-year-old Meg David has been playing the piano for about three years.

She practices one or two days a week on her big piano, but believes she'd practice more if she had something portable to play on.

Meg is excited to try Roll a Piano, a full-size keyboard that, true to its name, can be rolled up and taken anywhere.

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First, Meg plays her favorite song -- "The Malagueña" -- on her big piano. Then she plays it on the portable one.

"It sounds about the same," she says, but admits it has "a little vibration at the end."

Not only is the sound off, but the Roll a Piano is more difficult to play.

"On the piano, it's popped up so you don't have to put that much pressure," Meg says. "You have to do it harder (on the Roll a Piano)."

However, the product does have some interesting features. It can play different instruments, demo songs and several rhythms.

"I like that it has different tones and you can play along to that," Meg says.

Although the Roll a Piano is creative and portable, it can't fully replace Meg's big piano. She gives the product a mixed review.

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