Try It Before You Buy It: Flip Jack

8:58 AM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- "I love pancakes," Rochelle says.

But her favorite dish can be difficult to make. Sometimes pancakes end up soft and fluffy, but they can easily burn or fall apart.

So Rochelle is eager to try the Orgreenic Flip Jack, which claims to make the pancake-making process easier.

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To try the device, she simply warms it up, puts the pancake mix in and waits for the middle to bubble.

Once she sees bubbles, Rochelle flips the Flip Jack to cook the other side.

But the result is a bit disappointing. Not only are the pancakes unappealing, but so is the maker. It only cooks one pancake at a time.

Rochelle also has to season the pan with oil before using it, which gives her pancakes a strange taste.

"Butter would have tasted better," she says.

The Flip Jack also claims to be able to cook an egg over easy. Rochelle tries it -- and quickly learns that is a complete failure.

"It didn't go over easy because half of it was on the top when we flipped it," she says.

In the end, Rochelle has nothing positive to say about the Flip Jack. She gives it two thumbs down.

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