Try It Before You Buy It: GripGo

12:30 PM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Mike Jantzen uses his phone not only for calls, but for GPS.

However, since he is unable to put it on the dash, it's a bit dangerous.

"I usually put it on the little bin and look over," he explains.

That's why Mike wants to try a new cell phone mount -- the GripGo, which promises to "grip any phone for safe driving," according to the commercial.

The end of the GripGo is placed on the dash, and a cell phone goes on the green strip. Mike says it feels sticky, but not secure.

"It doesn't feel like it's going to hold," he says.

But Mike still decides to try it. He places the pedestal on his windshield and flips the lever to secure it in place. Then he places his phone on the end.

Mike turns on his GPS and heads down the road. But the pedestal doesn't stay on the glass for long.

"Oh, we didn't even hit a hard bump," he says when the device falls.

Mike places the GripGo back on the window and makes a phone call using speaker phone. The conversation sounds good in the beginning. Unfortunately, it doesn't last long.

The sticky green part works, but the suction cup that's supposed to be secured on the window does not.

"It does stick. It's the suction cup that doesn't stay," Mike says.

Overall, it just doesn't hold, falling off two or three times while Mike drives. He has no choice but to give the GripGo two thumbs down.

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