Try It Before You Buy It: Shimmer Glitter Tattoos

12:05 PM, May 9, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Sarah Peters loves glitter and sparkly makeup. She's also had fake tattoos.

So Sarah is more than ready to try the newest thing in body art -- Shimmer Glitter Tattoos.

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To use, she simply places the stencil on her skin, brushes on the adhesive and then uses a brush to paint the glitter on.

Sarah is happy with what she sees. She decides to put butterflies on her wrist and stars on her shoulder.

After applying her new glitter tattoos, she tries to see how easily they come off. It was harder than she imagined.

"It might come off in like five days or more," she said.

But for Sarah, that's a plus. She says she would put on her shimmery tattoos "every day." She even says she'd spend her whole allowance on it!

Sarah's rating for Shimmer Glitter Tattoos is obvious. She gives it an "awesome" two thumbs up.

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