Try It Before You Buy It: Goo Hu

9:49 AM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Ewan considers himself "un-schooled" and is always looking for creative ways to learn through building and play.

"I did this thing called Wacky Lab and I built crystals. They're on my desk," the 8 year old explains.

So Ewan was happy to try another science project -- Goo Hu, a moldable matter that forms to any shape.

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According to Goo Hu's directions, the user should knead the matter for two minutes. Ewan does that.

"Oh, and then it turns apple color -- it just feels squishy," he says.

Once the goo becomes hard, Ewan places it into a mold and waits for 15 minutes. He is eager to see his creation, but it's not easy to get the Goo Hu out of the mold!

But once the model car is out of the mold, Ewan enjoys his creation. Overall, he is in love and the Goo Hu is a success.

So Ewan's rating is no surprise.

"For the Goo Hu, my rating is two thumbs up!" he says.

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