Try It Before You Buy It: Bright Light Pillow

7:57 AM, May 2, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Quinlann knows a thing or two about pillows. She adores her Pillow Pets.

As a pillow connoisseur, she was intrigued by a different product -- the Bright Light Pillow.

Quinlann has seen commercials for it, but she is afraid the pillow may become too hot "'cause it has LEDs inside." She also worries the Bright Light Pillow will be uncomfortable, especially where the battery is.

She decides to go ahead and put in the batteries. Once she does, the pillow becomes extremely colorful.

"That's cool!" Quinlann says.

When she lays on the couch with the Bright Light Pillow, she can't feel the lights.

"It's comfy. I like it," she says.

She decides to get a second opinion from a friend in Philadelphia, who also thinks it's cool. But Quinlann still isn't 100 percent convinced.

"If you have to put batteries in a pillow, something's not right," she says.

Quinlann likes that the pillow lights up and is soft, but she thinks it would be distracting when she sleeps.

"I'm impressed with it, but I wouldn't use it to sleep with," she says.

She gives the Bright Light Pillow one thumb up and one thumb down -- "thumbs up because it's awesome, but thumbs down because it could disrupt your sleep and get warm."

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