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Try It Before You Buy It: EZ Cracker

10:25 AM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- With two growing children, Tama McGee cooks a lot of eggs during the week.

Her typical method of separating the egg white from the yolk is messy, so she is hoping that a new product will help her.

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The EZ Cracker claims to crack and separate eggs with ease.

Initially, Tama is a little thrown off by the device's appearance. She is also puzzled by the blade on it. But she still decides to try it.

After situating the egg, she squeezes the handles together. Then she tries to separate the egg.

"It definitely separates because there's no yolk in there at all," she says.

The biggest issue isn't cracking the egg; it's getting the shell out of the device.

"You kind of have to pry the eggshell out of there too," Tama says.

Overall, she has mixed feelings about the product.

"For the EZ Cracker, my rating is one thumb down and a thumb up," Tama says. "Thumbs down because it's a mess -- to me, it's something else to wash. And a thumbs up if you were going to separate maybe a dozen eggs, it would certainly be easier."

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