Try It Before You Buy It: Boom Cube

10:28 AM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Natalie Peters usually listens to music on her iPhone without a speaker.

The 13 year old would love to have speakers, but she always seems to misplace them. She needs something she can keep close.

"It would probably take something that can hook on to me, and it would be by my side at all times," Natalie says of her ideal speaker.

That's why she's excited to try the Boom Cube, a key chain that promises to "get bigger sound" from a phone.

Natalie's first impression of the Boom Cube is positive.

"I think it's really cool looking. I love the leopard print," she says.

The rechargeable key chain speaker can easily fit in a pocket or clip onto a belt. Theoretically, it seems like a good idea, but functionally, it isn't impressive.

"I mean, it looked good, but waved around a lot," Natalie says after walking around with the Boom Cube clipped to her jeans.

And the product's sound quality doesn't live up to her expectations.

"I was expecting a nice clear sound from the box instead of what it gave me," she says. "It gave me kind of scratchy music."

Despite liking it aesthetically, Natalie can't get over the audio. She gives the Boom Cube a mixed review -- "good for accessories, but bad for the sound."

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