Try It Before You Buy It: Robo Sweeper

8:42 AM, Apr 22, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- The Robo Sweeper promises to clean using robotic sensors that navigate the device through the house.

Sheila is skeptical, but is willing to give the product a try.

With three dogs and a job that involves traveling, Sheila sometimes finds it hard to keep her house completely clean. She vacuums and sweeps, but nothing seems to keep all that dog hair off the floors.

"I'm always hoping nobody looks around too much," she says.

Sheila reads the Robo Sweeper's directions, which say to place it on the floor and push the button.

Her initial reaction isn't all that optimistic. "It didn't really do anything, moves very slowly and doesn't really suck anything up," she says.

The Robo Sweeper also doesn't move around too well. It tends to go in circles and buff rather than clean the floor.

It's obvious the Robo Sweeper doesn't meet Sheila's expectations. Her rating is no surprise.

"I give the Robo Sweeper two thumbs down," she says.

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