Try It Before You Buy It: UGlu

8:29 AM, Apr 12, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Many people like to lay beautiful rugs on their hardwood floors, but it can be hard to prevent the rugs from sliding.

UGlu, a special peel-and-stick adhesive, promises to fix this problem.

This sounds good to Sheila Hula. She sometimes struggles with her rugs sliding, especially when her aunt comes to town.

"Every time she comes, I'm really worried she's going to trip on a rug," Sheila explains. She usually has to remove her rugs and put them away, which is unfortunate since they are from all over the world.

Sheila usually puts a gripping shelf liner under her rugs. It works pretty well, but it's still not 100 percent safe.

That's why she wants to try UGlu.

Sheila peels off one side of the paper on the product, places it on the floor, peels off the other piece of paper and pushes the rug onto it.

Unfortunately, the rug does not stay still for long.

UGlu also claims to be easily removable, but Sheila soon finds that is isn't.

"It's too much work," she says. "I'd just roll them up and put them on the side and we don't have to worry about anything."

She gives UGlu two thumbs down.

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