Try It Before You Buy It: Perfect Pancake

8:55 AM, Apr 11, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- For Joan, cooking isn't a chore -- it's a way for her to get creative in the kitchen.

She's constantly looking for new recipes and food to try, with easy cleanup and little legwork. The Perfect Pancake promises to offer just that.

The Perfect Pancake has a double-sided nonstick surface that food can easily slide off of without using a spatula.

At first glance, Joan is excited about the product.

"It looks like a pretty easy product to work with, actually," she says.

After cooking the pancakes for a few minutes, she's ready to see the results.

"Well, look at that!" Joan says when the pancakes slide out of the device. "Look at how pretty they are!"

The Perfect Pancake also promises to make eggs, so Joan tries cooking some sunny side up. Once again, it works.

However, Joan says the design can still be improved.

"My largest concern is this handle, that there's not an attachment to keep it together when I flip," she says.

Overall, Joan is pretty satisfied and thinks she can make several meals with the device. She gives the Perfect Pancake two thumbs up.

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