Try It Before You Buy It: Edge of Glory

8:49 AM, Mar 29, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- When Kirby's knives get dull, he finds it difficult to use them.

The Edge of Glory claims to sharpen knives better than other knife sharpeners.

Kirby has tried to sharpen knives before, but it wasn't successful. He decides to try Edge of Glory.

After using the suction function to keep the product in place, he moves one of his knives across Edge of Glory.

"I can feel a tug on it," he says.

Then he tries cutting an apple. The knife goes straight through the fruit.

Edge of Glory claims that it can sharpen a credit card enough to cut a tomato. Kirby decides to try it.

Unsharpened, the credit card doesn't cut at all. After being run through Edge of Glory, it slices a little, but not completely.

Although the credit card test doesn't cut it, the sharp knives are still impressive.

"It sharpened my knives, definitely, and it was able to cut my vegetables," Kirby said. He gives Edge of Glory two thumbs up.

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