Try It Before You Buy It: Handy Caddy

9:41 AM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- "I have been searching for something like this all my life!"

Kerby is talking about the Handy Caddy, which promises to help organize kitchens and make appliances easy to reach.

He just bought a brand new coffeemaker, which works great except for one problem -- the lid opens from the top and hits the cabinet every time he tries to pour water to make a fresh cup.

"Every morning, you have to pull the coffeepot out to make clearance in order to have a full container of water to pour into the pot," Kerby explains.

So Kerby tries the Handy Caddy to see if it will help his morning routine.

The Handy Caddy is easy to use. The tray can be slid back and forth with just one finger.

Kerby's only critique is extending the bottom part of the caddy that slides, to create more counter space in the kitchen.

"My goal is to push the coffeepot as far back as it can go," he says.

But in the end, it's no surprise what Kerby has to say about the Handy Caddy.

"I'm going to give it two thumbs up, because after you guys leave, I'm going to still have this here and use it every day," he tells 11Alive's Karyn Greer. "It's a great product!"

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