Try It Before You Buy It: ShedMonster

11:34 AM, Mar 18, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- Skyler, Karen's Golden Retriever, is always shedding.

She usually uses a regular brush to rid him of some extra hair. Today, she is going to try the ShedMonster, which claims to reduce shedding up to 90 percent.

"That's a tall order," Karen says. "We'll have to see."

After only two strokes, the ShedMonster is already full of Skyler's fur. It seems to work, but it's a little bit difficult to brush.

After a while, Skyler's fur is everywhere -- all over Karen and the deck.

Despite it working, the ShedMonster isn't perfect.

"The problem with it that I have that's different from my regular brush is that you have to do it slow and there's probably certain areas that might hurt him," Karen explains.

She says she wouldn't replace her old brush with the ShedMonster, but she still believes it's a worthwhile product.

"I don't think it would be my totally go-to brush, but it's pretty good nonetheless," she says.

Using ShedMonster may be slow, but Karen and Skyler still enjoy it, giving it two paws up.

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