Try It Before You Buy It: Egg Beats

9:04 AM, Mar 12, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA -- When Hannah wants to listen to music louder than what her iPhone can do, she put it in a bowl.

"It will bounce off the sides and that will make it louder," she explains.

And while Hannah's method works, there's a product that claims to work even better.

When Hannah looks at the Egg Beats speaker, she believes she knows how it works.

"Put your phone in here, it would bounce around in this hole here and it would bounce off -- like the sound would come through this tunnel," she says.

As soon as she opens the Egg Beats, she realizes all the neat things it can do, like turn on its side to allow users to watch movies on their phones.

Aesthetically, it works, but Hannah says it also makes the sound on her iPhone much louder. It works when she's listening to music, watching a movie and FaceTiming her mom.

"I think it's cool," Hannah says, adding that the $10 price doesn't hurt either. She gives Egg Beats two thumbs up.

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