Try It Review: Egg N' Muffin Toaster

11:59 AM, Feb 23, 2012   |    comments
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Nostalgia Electric Egg 'N Muffin Toaster

MABLETON, GA -- Rick Newman isn't afraid to crack a few eggs around the kitchen. But as an admitted gadget freak, he's always looking for a better way.

So when the Nostalgia Electrics Egg 'N Muffin Toaster caught his eye - he immediately thought of us.

"This thing just looked cool," he said.

In addition to toasting bread - you can flip down one side to reveal a small griddle to cook your eggs and meat.

Rick thinks this $30 appliance might be perfect for a college kid or urban single.

"We'll see how this goes," he said as he got started.

The cooking surface is too small to fit a strip of bacon - a couple of sausage patties and a fried egg is the best Rick can do.

"It's awfully small," he said.

There's no temperature control - only a timer.

The slots in the toaster are wide enough to accommodate muffins or bagels.

"The toast is ready," he said as two slices popped out. "Looks fine."

A drain at the back of the griddle catches all the grease.
It takes about 14 minutes to cook the sausage; Rick thinks that's kind of slow.

But his son, Alex, said everything turned out delicious.

Then we asked Rick to try making scrambled eggs. That turned out to be a big mistake.

"Scrambled eggs are definitely a no because it's sloped," he said. "It's going to drain into the crumb/grease catcher and it's going to make a mess."

The non-stick griddle pops out and cleans easily in the sink. But the grease drain is impossible to clean.

"It's very hard to clean, anything that gets in that trap gets stuck," said Rick.

Rick's recommendation: just buy a good toaster and frying pan.

"It would be much easier just to take out a pan, put it on the stove, cook your sausage, your eggs, whatever you want to do and use a standard toaster," he said.

Alex thinks the toaster's pretty hot until his dad points out the dirty drain.

"You want me to cook your food on it?" asked Rick.

"No," said Alex, "Because it's icky weird."

So while this retro-toaster looks cool - its toast for our testers.

"For the 50's Style Eggs 'N Muffin Toaster," Rick and Alex said, "we give it two thumbs down."

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