Try It Review: Topchips Microwave Chip Maker

1:31 PM, Feb 15, 2012   |    comments
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TopChips Gourmet Microwave Chips Maker

MABLETON, GA -- Like most of us, Leanda Newman and her son Alex love the taste of crispy potato chips. But because they're loaded with salt and fat - this Mom steers clear.

"A mom of two, almost about to hit 40," she said, "needs to watch the potato chips."

For just $20, the Topchips gourmet microwave chips maker claims it can make fat-free, crispy, delicious potato chips in just three minutes.

"I think that's going to be fun," said Alex.

"If they're healthy," Leanda said, "game on!"

The kit comes with a mandolin slicer to make the chips nice and thin.

"The mandolin itself is really great," said Leanda. "I would not use this with kids. The razor is extremely sharp - only adults are allowed to use this."

Then Alex and Leanda spread a single layer of chips on the silicon cooking tray. Not much room here, they're only able to fit about 25 chips on it.

Then they pop it in the microwave and cook for three minutes.

"That doesn't look like it's cooked that much," said Alex as he watched the chips come out of the microwave.

After sprinkling on a little salt and letting them cool for 30 seconds, it was time for the taste test.

"What do you think?" asked Leanda.

"They're okay," Alex replied.

"One side came out really good and the other side came out kind of soggy," Leanda said.

And the longer the chips sat out - the stickier they got.

"They're sticking to my fingers," Leanda laughed.

Our testers cooked the next batch a little longer but those come out even worse.

"They're kind of dried out," said Leanda.

The apple chips can't be called a treat either.

"It tastes like paper apples," Leanda said.

"They have an aftertaste and the aftertaste to me really isn't good," Alex said.

Our testers decided they would skip the Topchips or stick with the ones in the bag.

"Our rating," said Leanda and Alex, "is two thumbs down."

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