Try It Review: Black Out security stamp

1:28 PM, Jan 11, 2012   |    comments
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Black Out security stamp

ATLANTA -- As the Accounting Manager here at 11Alive, Cheryl Cowans knows all about the dangers of identity theft and keeping financial information secure.

That's why it's not uncommon to see Cheryl busy at an industrial strength paper shredder.

For about $10, the Black Out security stamp claims it can prevent identity theft by concealing your information behind a veil of permanent black ink.

"That's a good idea if it covers all the necessary information," said Cheryl.

So we asked this financial guru to put the pre-inked stamp through its paces.

The first thing Cheryl notices is the size.

"It's kind of small," she said. "It looks like it probably would take ten stamps to cover up some information."

Then Cheryl positioned the stamp over her personal address on a magazine and firmly pressed.

"Oh I like it," she said.

Unfortunately - at least on glossy paper - the ink is slow to dry and smears off.

So she tried it on a paper invoice and that worked.

The Black Out is supposed to block out information when viewed from the front or the back.

"You cannot see through the back," Cheryl said, "which I'm surprised because I was thinking that you might be able to but you cannot see through the back."

Next Cheryl checked if it would block out her credit card number on a bill.

"It didn't cover it up," she said. "It did not because I think it's kind of a bold print. You can still see the account number."

It did cover up the sensitive information on a computer printed document. But that took several stamps

"It's too small, so you would be stamping forever and then it doesn't quickly dry and my third complaint is that bolder print, it does not cover."

While the Black Out works most of the time, Cheryl says the stakes are too high to take any chances. She plans to stick to her shredder.

"For the Black Out," she said, "I give it two thumbs down."

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