Try It Before You Buy It: Bake Pop

12:21 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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Bake Pop cake pop maker

VILLA RICA, Ga. -- Hannah Chaney only considers herself an average cook. But she still enjoys whipping up special treats for her three year-old son.

"Pretty much anything, cupcakes, cake," she said, "you know - any kind of treats really."

Bake Pop claims it can help anyone easily make and enjoy the hot, new sensation - the cake pop. It sells for $20 on-line and in stores.

"They seem pretty creative, kind of fun," Hannah said.

The directions look kind of involved but she agrees to give it a shot.

You can use any cake mix but they recommend you throw in an extra egg and a box of pudding mix. That makes the batter very thick.

"It was a little thicker than I'm used to in making most cakes," said Hannah.

Her brother, Jeremy, finds pouring it in the little cups without making a mess a little tough.

It only takes about half the mix to make 18 cake pops.

"We'll pop it in the oven," Hannah said as he set the pan in her oven.

The cooking time of 25 to 30 minutes sounds a long to us, so when she took them out - Hannah was worried.

"Looking a little scary," she said. "I'm kind of curious to see what they look like on the inside."

The excess cake that came through the top holes cleaned off easily and after letting the pan cool - it was the moment of truth. While the cake balls looked cooked there was a lot of batter burnt on the pan surface.

"I don't know it's a little messy," said Hannah.

To attach the stick, she dipped one in melted chocolate and stuck it in the cake. Then Hannah cooled her cake pops in the freezer while Jeremy heated up the candy coating.

"This is the fun part," said Hannah.

Finally it was time to dip the cake into the chocolate and cover with sprinkles.

Sum total, it took Hannah and Jeremy about an hour and a half to make a batch of cake pops. For their first try they were pretty happy with the results.

"That was actually pretty fun," said Hannah. "It takes a little while to do it but it's not too bad."

Cleanup wasn't bad either. All that burnt on batter wiped right off.

"The pan is really good," she said. "It's definitely non-stick. Cleanup is a breeze."

But what really matters - how does the cake pops taste?

"It's not bad," said Jeremy, "pretty good."

"It is really good," said Hannah.

"It has the soft cake inside with crunchy chocolate outside," Jeremy said.

Hannah's son, Landon likes them too. She says he asks for them all the time.

"Our rating for the Bake Pops," said Hannah and Jeremy, "two thumbs up."

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