Try It Review: Press Dough Cookie Factory

1:28 PM, Dec 21, 2011   |    comments
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Press Dough Cookie Factory

ACWORTH, GA -- Seven year-old Rachel Anderson loves fresh, out-of-the-oven cookies. It's especially fun when she and her brother A.J. get to help make and decorate them.

"They're just yummy," she said.

The Press Dough Cookie Factory claims it's the easy, fun way to make and decorate uniquely shaped cookies. The set sells for about $20.

The first thing their mom, Ginger, noticed is all the parts that come with the kit - something that always gives her concern.

You can make your own cookie dough or just use the ready-made from the grocery story.

Just put the dough in the press, pick out a mold pattern and turn the crank.

"It works," said A.J.

There are several different shapes you can make.

"This looks pretty cool," said Rachel.

It might look cool but there was lots of dough left in the press that will need to be cleaned up.

"You know who's going to clean this up," said Ginger.

"There were a lot of parts to clean so I knew that was going to be an issue after the fact," she said. "The kids might be having fun but if it's a whole lot of trouble to take out and use, we're not going to take it out and use it."

It also comes with a plunger that makes different shapes like a flower.

"It was fun making them," said A.J. "The designs are cool."

When the kids finished mom popped the cookies in the oven and started cleaning up the mess.

Unfortunately when the cookies are cooked most of those unusual shapes melted away into a typical looking cookie.

Once they cooled the kids got to decorate their creations.

"The most fun was doing the icing and sprinkles," said Ginger, "and you didn't need a special kit for that."

Ginger said she would keep making cookies the old fashion way and steer clear of the Press Dough Factory because of the trouble and the mess. But Rachel and A.J. say none of that bothers them.

"For the Press Dough Cookie maker," A.J. Said, "I give it one thumb up and one thumb down."

Rachel said, "My grade is two thumbs up."

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