Try It Review: Discovery Kids Ice Cream Maker

10:10 AM, Dec 16, 2011   |    comments
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Discovery Kids Ice Cream Maker

ACWORTH, GA -- "I love ice cream," ten year-old A.J. Anderson told us.

And he isn't alone. This tasty frozen dessert has lots of us lining up for a sweet treat.

A.J. even has his own recipe for homemade ice cream.

"I just stick a bunch of sugar, milk, vanilla all together, stick it in the freezer," he explained. "Sometimes it turns out pretty good. Others it doesn't."

That's why his mom, Ginger, was wondering if the Discovery Kid's Ice Cream Maker might be a perfect gift for her ten year-old.

So we bought one at CVS for $20 and the Anderson family gave it a spin.

Ginger mixed up the simple recipes - cream, milk, sugar and flavoring. Then just pops it in the fridge to cool.

A.J. helped set up the plastic ice cream maker. Just add ice cubes and table salt to the freezer drum and drop it into the mixing bowl.

"Start Turning," said Ginger.

To make the ice cream, A.J. turned the crank - spinning the frozen drum and Ginger poured the mix over it.

"There's ice cream," said seven year-old Rachel.

Little sister couldn't wait. And in just a couple of minutes the ice cream looked ready.

Then they used the built in plastic scraper to gather the ice cream. Unfortunately that part is very flimsy.  It is just a toy after all.

"The scraper didn't scrape the drum quite as well as it could have," said Ginger. "It kept wanting to come out of the little notches for it."

Finally they collected three small cups of chocolate ice cream.

"Umm, good," said A.J.

"I love it," added Rachel.

It tasted good but this ice cream is very soft, almost like a milk shake. Plus it seemed to melt very quickly.

"It works pretty good but it's messy," said A.J.

It did make a mess, but Ginger says it's manageable.

So what is the Anderson family's rating?

"I give it two thumbs up," A.J. said because the ice cream tasted good.

"With caution, one thumb up one thumb down," said Ginger.

"One thumb up and one thumb down," Rachel decided because of the mess.

So should you buy the Discovery Kid's Ice Cream Maker?

Here's A.J.'s advice.

"Not buy it," he said.

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