Try It Review: Water My Tree

11:31 AM, Dec 15, 2011   |    comments
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Water My Tree Christmas Tree Funnel
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  • DUNWOODY, GA -- You might call Cady Carnes one of Santa's elves. That's because she's makes a popular line of hand-made ornaments sold through her Pitter Platter Pottery company.

    "They're whimsical," she said. "They're bright red and lime green and they're personalized."

    Cady's family insists on hanging her ornaments on a fresh tree but that means keeping it watered - a job that seems tougher than it should be.

    "I have to crawl down on all fours and water it, probably every other day," she said. "And I don't tend to remember to do that."

    But if you don't keep the tree watered it will start dropping needles and possibly become a fire hazard.

    "We've got to move all the gifts out of the way which can be a hassle," Cady said.

    To check the water level she must put her hand into the well of the tree stand.

    "It's completely empty," she said.

    That's why a Johns Creek woman invented Water My Tree that she claims is the ultimate Christmas tree funnel.

    To use - snake the 40 inch tube through the tree branches down into the tree stand. There's a hook to hang it on a branch.

    "I think installation is a little tedious," Cady said. "It would probably be best for two people but it could be done certainly by yourself."

    Once installed, Cady likes the look of the crystal clear funnel.

    "Aesthetically I think it's totally fine," she said. "You don't see it at all really. It's clear. It's fine. No one is going to ever notice that."

    To fill the tree stand - slowly pour the water into the funnel. No getting on your hands and knees, no moving gifts. Cady loves it.

    "Watering it is great," she said. "I think that it makes for very, easy watering."

    To check the water level there's a gauge that drops into the tree stand. The idea is to put your thumb over the tube and lift it out - kind of like an automobile dip stick. That part doesn't come easily for Cady.

    "The dip stick didn't seem reliable," she said. "Sometimes when we covered our thumb over the hole we would come up with no water. Other times we came up with an inch of water but I think there's more like two inches of water."

    But after a little trial and error and some practice, Cady seems to have better luck with it.

    Water My Tree only costs $10 and is sold at, eBay and the web site.

    "For Water My Tree," Cady said, "I'd say two thumbs up."

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