Try It Review: Playmobil Top Agents

11:06 AM, Dec 14, 2011   |    comments
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Playmobil Top Agents Robo Gang Truck
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  • BUFORD, GA -- The folks that make popular lines of plastic dollhouses and toy figures, Playmobil, has a new line call Top Agents that immerses kids in the world of espionage and secret agents.

    C.J. and his friends at Primrose School of Buford all say they prefer to play with video games but we asked them to check out the Robo Gang Truck.

    The $35 truck is recommended for kids seven to 12 but it has to be put together first. Teacher's Assistant, Kaitlin Bishop, graciously agreed to tackle what turned out to be a challenging job.

    "This is really intense," she said. "It's fairly complicated. You definitely need an older person's help, older brother, older sister, mom or dad."

    We also added the Radio Control Module to the truck. That's extra and will cost you another $55.

    After a half hour of studying the directions and assembly, Miss Bishop finally finished.

    "Once you've figured it out it's fairly easy to put together," she said. "It's just a lot of little pieces."

    The good news is you only have to do that once. But it seemed well worth the effort because the kids are wild about the truck.

    "It's Awesome," said one child.

    "It's fun," C.J. said.

    Miss Bishop, who is an early childhood education student, says the toy should stimulate children's imagination.

    "It's interactive and it shoots stuff and you can drive it all around the house and outside," she said, "It's got bright satellite that shoots a laser or something out of it."

    For an additional $85 you can add the Spy Camera Set. A small wireless video camera fits in the front seat of the truck and streams live video back to the receiver so you can see what the plastic people are seeing.

    In fact, it seems like there's no limit to what you can spend. There are cars and boats and jets and a $90 Secret Agent Headquarters.

    So what did our testers think?

    "For the Playmobil Top Agents," they said, "we give it two thumbs up."

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