Try It Review: Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots

10:33 AM, Dec 8, 2011   |    comments
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Crayola Model Magic Presto Dots Wiggle Bones Dragaonfly

BUFORD, GA -- Crayola claims it can get your kids to put down the remote control and get creative with their line of modeling kits.

The Model Magic material is supposed to be lighter and less messy than clay and dough.

Six year-old Gabe doesn't seem like the ideal tester for this new craft. He says he doesn't ever play with modeling clay and only likes video games.

After a little encouragement, Gabe agreed to try the Presto Dots Wiggle Bones Dragonfly craft. It sells for about $10 and is for kids six and up.

Gabe needed a little help getting started but before long he seems to get into it.

"Oh now I get it, now I get it," he said.

The owner of Primrose School of Buford, Jennifer McKnight, says getting today's kids away from the video games can be tough, but it's worth it.

"It's hands on and it's something that a parent can sit down and do with them," she said. "So it's not just parking them in front of a computer or in front of the TV. But it's something that the parents can do with their children together."

Soon Gabe got the hang of it and we are able to leave him on his own to finish his bug.

"It's really fun it's really cool," he said. "I really wish I could do it like the picture."

Gabe worked on his dragonfly for more than half an hour and it looked pretty good when he was done.

He said he liked playing with it and thought it was fun and creative.

There are several different Model Magic Presto Dots kits for all different ages and interests.

So did the Wiggle Bones Dragonfly make Gabe a fan of Model Magic Presto Dots?

"For the Presto Dots," Gabe said, "I give it thumbs up."

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