Try It Review: Crayola Jewelry Boutique

5:09 PM, Dec 1, 2011   |    comments
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Crayola Model Magic Jewelry Boutique

BUFORD, GA -- TheCrayola Model Magic Jewelry Boutique claims kids six and up and have fun making their own colorful bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

Seven year-old Maggie likes jewelry and thinks this set looks promising. So she and a couple of her friends at Primrose School of Buford were thrilled to try their hand at it.

The kit comes with lots of pieces and involved directions, so the school owner, Jennifer McKnight, lends a hand.

"It is a little rough for them to do on their own," she said. "So I would say any parents who are thinking of this just know that you'll be involved as well."

Jennifer likes this new Model Magic material that she says feels lighter and less sticky than the old-style modeling dough. The directions still suggests you protect your furniture.

The girls roll up the dough and spin it around in the bead spinner to make cool swirling beads.

"I think it's going good and I like the way the jewelry turns out," said Maggie.

Before long the girls have made a beautiful bracelet, sparkling pendants and other trinkets.

"They had fun with it and they certainly can be very creative while they're doing it," said Jennifer.

After the girls finish their creations, they just let them dry overnight on the drying display and apply the optional glaze before wearing.

"I don't like the part about it has to dry overnight," Maggie said adding she wants to wear the jewelry right away.

So does this hands-on craft capture the imagination of this new generation of girls?

"For the Jewelry Boutique," Maggie said, "we give it thumbs up."

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