Try It Review: Leaf Loader

12:02 PM, Nov 30, 2011   |    comments
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Leaf Loader

CONYERS, GA -- When the leaves start changing colors and begin to hit the ground, it can only mean one thing - time to pull out the rake.

That job usually falls to George Lopez and his uncle Pablo.

George says the raking is the easy part.

"Getting them in the bag is the toughest part," said George.

The Leaf Loader claims it cuts lawn clean-up time in half, eliminates bending and works as a super stuffer for trash bags.

"Sounds like they're promising a lot," said George. "Hopefully that's the truth"

George thought the instructions seemed pretty vague but after several attempts he was finally able to put it together.

The Leaf Loader did come in pretty handy for collecting the leaves. Unfortunately it wasn't much help getting them into a lawn bag.

"That was a lot more work than just raking it with a regular rake," said George.

Next they try the Leaf Loader in a garbage can to see if it really is a super stuffer.

"I don't know if it does much of a super stuffer," said George. "I know I'm sweating a lot more, I'm a lot more dirty."

The Leaf Loader doesn't come with anything to stake it down so it blows around pretty easily. George is thinking it's more trouble than it's worth.

"Helpful to a certain degree but when you add the time and effort you put into it," said George, "it almost seems easier just to put it in a pile and scoop it up."

The Leaf Loader retails for $40 but we paid $35 for ours. After trying it out, George and Pablo compared notes.

"First of all, half the time? Yes or No?" asked George.

"No," said Pablo.

" More work, yes or no?" said George.

"Yes," said Pablo.

"Would you pay $35 for this?" George asked.

"Never," answered Pablo.

It does fold up easily for storage. But do our testers want to use it again?

"So for the leaf loader our rating is," said George, "two thumbs down."

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