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6:23 PM, Dec 12, 2011   |    comments
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STONE MOUNTAIN, GA -- When celebrity stylist Elijah Cohen wants to give his clients glamorous curls, his weapon of choice is a hot curling iron.

"You definitely want to go with enough heat to give you the curl that you want," he said.

But he warns - you need to be careful.

"If you put the gauge on your curling iron a little bit too hot," he said, "sometimes you can scorch the hair and that causes eventual breakage."

The TopStyler claims it can give you that "red carpet" look but uses gentle heat that won't harm your hair.

So we ordered a set of two online for $140 including shipping and handling. Elijah liked the look of the set.

"It's definitely nice," he said. "It's definitely well put together. It gives you all the utensils you need."

TopStyler might say it's revolutionary but it reminds us of the old school hot rollers.

The unit heats up ten ceramic lined clam shells that springs shut. To use - roll your hair up in a pin curl and clip on the clam shell. Then leave them in your hair for one to ten minutes.

The TopStyler come with an instruction manual and DVD with lots of hair designs. Elijah tried it on Aretha's hair.

"I'm wrapping it around my finger," he said before clipping on the hot clam shell clip.

We noticed that one set - with only ten clamshells - will not be enough for most women. So you'll probably need the two sets.

"Ten is definitely not going to be enough," Elijah said.

Aretha tried her hand at using it too. But the curl she made fell flat.

"I was a little bit discouraged," she said. "It didn't curl too well."

While Elijah thinks the curling iron is still king, he says with practice the TopStyler might be perfect for some women.

"You definitely got to work on curling, wrapping it around your finger," he said. "Once you master that it will be a great product. I'm pretty sure it will be something that someone loves."

Aretha's hair turned out wonderful with great curls.

"It is pretty," said Aretha.

And while she thinks the TopStyler works fine, she says it's too much trouble and way too slow.

So a split decision from our two testers.

"For the TopStyler we give it one thumb up," said Elijah.

"And one thumb down," added Aretha.


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