Try It Review: Baby Bullet food processor

11:47 AM, Nov 22, 2011   |    comments
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Baby Bullet food processor

From the makers of the Magic Bullet blender, the Baby Bullet claims it can make and store fresh, healthy baby food for a fraction of the price of bottled foods.

Sam's mom, Nicole tried out the $60 mini-food processor for us.

First on the menu - banana treat. Drop one quarter cup of water and a banana in the cup and twist it on the blender base.

Big Sister helped out and baby Sam was the taste tester.

"I think Sam likes it," said Nicole "and it's Just as fast as going up to the pantry and picking up a can of baby food and opening it up. That was really fast."

Nicole likes how everything is fresh and there are no preservative.

"I love too that this contraption not only is it easy but it doesn't take up a lot of space," she said. "It isn't a big huge blender. It isn't a big food processor. It's small and it encourages me to actually do this more often."

The set comes with six storage cups with a handy date dial that keeps up with how old the food is. There's also a book with dozens of recipes plus a large blender bowl.

Nicole loved it.

"I'm happy with this," she said. "I'm really impressed."

She rated it two thumbs up.

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