Try It Review: George Foreman Waffle Maker

3:41 PM, Nov 21, 2011   |    comments
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George Foreman Waffle Maker

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day but convincing your kids to eat it is another matter.

The George Foreman Waffle Maker claims it can help by quickly and easily making the perfect waffle every time. Plus it's only $15 at

Connor, Ryan and Amanda like waffles and are eager to help.
But first have to season the non-stick griddle with oil and preheat.

Then Connor poured the mix in a bowl and his sister and brother pitched in the water, oil and eggs.

The directions fail to mention how much batter to use - so Ryan makes his best guess.

The Cooking time is four to five minutes depending on the type of batter and ingredients used.

We didn't use quite enough batter on our first attempt, so we tried again. The next time a little too much, so it was kind of messy. But the waffles still come out.

It was pretty easy and quick.

"With enough experience you would know how much batter to put in the oven," said Connor.

Finally it was time for the taste test.

"For the most part the waffles taste really good," said Ryan.

Our testers say the George Foreman Waffle Maker is easy and quick - but "the perfect waffle every time" might be a stretch.

They gave it one thumb up and one thumb down.

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